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British Gas Online Account

Published: Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Are you thinking about switching to an online account for your gas and electricity? British Gas supplies gas and electricity to over 16 million customers in the UK, that’s a lot of gas boilers fired up and even more light bulbs switched on!

At the moment energy suppliers are raising prices left, right and centre, so if you want to keep your bills low now is a good time to switch to an online only account. The benefits are lower tariffs and the ability to track usage and pay bills online, you can even provide your own meter reading. Giving your own readings enables you to keep track of how much you use and receive more accurate billing, avoiding nasty estimated bills.

British Gas Online Account

The British Gas online account is a very easy to use, comprehensive system for managing most aspects of your gas and electricity. First of all like any other personalised site you have your own login and password. In this case your email address is used as your login and you can set your password to whatever you want.
Once logged in you arrive at the welcome screen, from the below pic you can see your account number and address. On this screen you can navigate to pay a bill, give a meter reading, receive energy saving advice or get account help.
British Gas Online Account
As you can see above it’s possible to view an online demo and view account history which details payment and usage for your records and enquiries.
British Gas help and advice
The above shows plenty of categories for help and advice on how to use your account.
From there you can navigate to the ‘make a payment’ page. It’s easy to use, all you have to do is select your gas or electric account and press next. Like any other online retailer put your payment details in and confirm. Alternatively, you can just set up a direct debit. Below is a pic of the make a payment page.
Make a payment to British Gas
The meter reading page is similar, select the appropriate account press next and then go through and submit your meter reading. It takes less than 2 minutes. Below you can see the meter reading page on the British Gas site.
British Gas meter reading
Other things you can do using the online system include, changing personal contact details, view all online tariffs and manage energy usage.
If you are thinking about moving your account online you can’t go wrong with the British Gas system. It has obviously been developed with thought and ease of use as the main focus, as you would expect from a company the size of British Gas.  
British Gas currently offer a Websaver 12 tariff. For the average Dual-Fuel user you can expect to pay about £94 per month. One of the bonuses of this option is you can collect Nectar points at the same time.View Britiah Gas’ Websaver 12 offer 
Guest Article by Louise Goldstein

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