Thu 27th Mar 2014

Saunier Duval Semia CONDENS F30E

SAUNIER Duval Semia Condens F30E Central Heating Gas Boiler


The Saunier Duval Semia Condens F30E is a high efficiency condensing combination boiler. This unit offers a built-in filling loop, integral by-pass, easy to use digital display, and multiple flue options.

Price Range

£500 – £650

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  • Suitable for 2/3 bedroom home
  • Easy to use digital display
  • Built-in filling loop and multiple flue options
  • High-grade stainless steel heat exchanger


  • Combination boilers may not be as efficient as condensing boilers are
  • Does not carry a SEDBUK A rating for efficiency
  • Unit is not LPG convertible


Type: Combination
Output: 31 kW
Hot Water Flow Rate (L/min): 12
Clock/Timer: Yes
Sedbuk Energy Efficiency Category: B rated
Size (cm): 75 x 40 x 36
LPG Convertible: No

BUYability Favourite Features

The Saunier Duval Semia Condens F30E features a daily pump sprint exercise

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Overall BUYability Rating

With multiple flue options and a built-in filling loop, the Saunier Duval Semia Condens F30E is a reliable, if unspectacular, boiler well suited to most 2-3 bedroom homes.

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