Thu 27th Mar 2014

Ideal Isar HE 30

IDEAL Isar HE 30 Central Heating Gas Boiler


The Ideal Isar HE 30 is a fan flued condensing combination boiler with advanced features and slimline construction, ideal for siting in cupboards. With automatic controls and a variable thermostat, the manufacturer claims the boiler can allow the homeowner to save up to a third on gas bills.

Price Range

£750 – £950

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  • Compact enough to fit within a standard kitchen cupboard
  • Alphanumeric diagnostic readout
  • Twin-pipe fluing for site flexibility


  • Not as efficient as some other condensing boilers
  • Requires separate flue kit
  • Must be installed in a sealed system


Type: Combination
Output: 25 kW
Hot Water Flow Rate (L/min): 12
Clock/Timer: Optional
Sedbuk Energy Efficiency Category: A rated
Size (cm): 69 x 39 x 28
LPG Convertible: No

BUYability Favourite Features

The Isar HE 30 uses a variable thermostat for CH temperature control. This, combined with the pre-mix burner, allows for control of gas input and heat output – ensuring high efficiency.

BUYability Ratings

Ease of Use:  

Overall BUYability Rating 

Offering reasonable power performance and low emissions, this boiler is awkward to install and not as efficient as claimed. However, this unit could be an option for an average sized home where space is at a premium.

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