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Gas boiler reviews and money saving deals for servicing and repairs. Gas Boiler BUYability provides easy to digest information that will help you make the right decisions. Energy efficiency, price and heating requirements are some of the many things you need to consider when replacing old gas boilers. Central heating and hot water are necessities of our everyday lives we can help you do your bit for the environment as well as save on bills, which has become even more important. Start by reading our latest
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Switch Energy Suppliers

In the current climate of soaring energy prices, it really does pay to check all the latest deals and promotional offers to make sure you're not paying too much for your gas and electricity. It's so much easier nowadays to switch supplier to get a better deal but there's an increasingly bewildering array of discounted energy plans on offer to both tempt and confuse you. Which one to choose? A low-cost variable plan or fixed price? Dual-fuel or single? BUYability has done the leg work and compiled information on all the major energy suppliers to help you to make the right choice. Compare energy suppliers now >>>


It's no fun to be without heating or hot water at any time of year and it can be a disaster when gas boilers break down in winter and it's freezing cold outside. That's why so many people like the peace of mind and security offered by central heating insurance products. Some products cover routine maintenance as well as emergency breakdowns and repairs and many use qualified Gas Safe engineers, like British Gas Homecare. Some guarantee a quick response and others include parts and labour costs. Which one is right for you? And why? Central heating servicing >>>

Central Heating Service

Gas boiler breakdowns can cause all sorts of nightmares. If your boiler has broken down you will have, no hot water for the bath or shower, no hot water for washing up and no central heating to keep you warm. In the event of such an unfortunate emergency, many people find themselves taking pot luck with a local plumber or heating engineer and running the risk of long delays and unreasonably high costs. BUYability has compiled lots of useful information, tips and advice to help you deal with gas boiler emergencies and links to help you find a reliable tradesman. Heating and Energy >>>

Combi Boilers

Gas boilers are by the most energy-hungry appliances in the average UK household. And every home burns a small fortune in fossil fuel each year just to heat water and keep warm. Apart from worrying about the expense, more and more people are concerned about the effect this is having on the environment and the need to reduce energy consumption has become a national priority. BUYability not only recommends the use of modern, energy efficient condensing boilers, it also advocates the responsible use of energy through the information, advice and tips on this web site read some of our blog on energy efficiency >>>

Combi Boiler

Environmentalists and politicians urge us daily to join the fight against climate change by moderating our consumption or generating our own greener, cleaner energy. Solar panels, wind turbines, ground-source heat pumps and wood-burning (biomass) boilers are just some of the popular products on offer to help us in our efforts to achieve energy self-sufficiency. And if you're clever enough to over-produce, you can even sell your excess electricity back to your local power company. BUYability has researched these emerging technologies and provides helpful information and advice on the areas where your green efforts can be applied to achieve the best effect. Read some of our articles on green energy >>>

Which Gas Boiler?

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Want to know which is the best gas boiler to buy? Read and compare our latest  Boiler Reviews >>>

Are You Covered?

British Gas Homecare

Paying too much for boiler servicing and repairs? Read our latest Service Contract Reviews >>>

Energy Costs Too High?

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Want to save on your gas and electricity bills? Read our latest Energy supplier Reviews >>>

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Go Green & Save

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How green is your home? Check out our hints & tips to save energy >>>

Insulate Your Home

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Is your energy going through the roof? Consider insulating your home >>>

Gas Boilers Reviewed and Compared

Do you need to buy a gas boiler? You may want to replace an old one for one which is more energy efficient. They provide hot water and warmth for your home so making the right choice is very important. BUYability provides jargon free reviews and advice for all the best brands, including leading Boiler Manufacturers - Glow Worm, Baxi, Vaillant,  Worcester and Potterton, to name just a few. Find all of the major boiler manufacturers in the UK and the various options available plus special boiler offers.

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